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Siding Contractors Lexington ky | Residential Siding Installation

Your house gives you and your family the ultimate protection from all the natural elements- snow, rain, extreme heat, tornadoes, earthquakes.  Now. It’s your responsibility to protect your house from structural damages.Our siding contractors lexington ky assures  of unbeatable structural and environmental protection all-round the year. At Roofing Siding Lexington, we ensure that your house gets the best it can so that it protects you from all the exterior elements, while you can concentrate on the other challenges of life. With that, we also guarantee a beautiful exterior that will also increase the resale value of the house.

Whether you are looking to install new siding or replace existing siding or repair siding, we provide professional residential and commercial siding installation services in the Lexington area using the most durable exterior siding available. With years of experience, you can count on us for high quality workmanship and exceptional service.

So why Sidings?

As one of the best siding contractors lexington ky, our team of experts will always suggest the best for your house, depending on the structure, design, the inherent challenges that our engineers may face and your budget. They will provide the pros and cons of the various siding material for you to decide and judge which one of them suits both your requirements and your pockets. Some of the most common types of sidings that are used include:

Fiber cement

It is a combination of wood, clay, sand, and Portland cement. The material turns out to be not only durable but also versatile in its appearance. It can also be painted to mimic the exterior of the house. You may also consider giving a wooden finish to add that extra elegance to the architecture. Easy to maintain, this material lasts for almost 30 years.

Metal siding

These are also popular choices among homeowners. Easy to install and lightweight, these sidings are also versatile in appearance. They can be moulded as per requirement and provide strength and resilience to the house structure.


It is much like fiber cement and has similar properties. The only difference is the way it is made, comprising of ingredients such as Portland cement, water, sand, and lime. Highly resilient to fire, it protects the house from untoward circumstances. It is solid, durable, and requires little maintenance. There are two types of stucco siding- traditional and modern. The traditional type is not prone to cracks because it expands and contracts with temperature differences. It is recommended by architects and designers over its modern variant, which is a little less durable.


One of the most popular materials for siding repair contractors, Vinyl is the best choice of every homeowner. It might be costly, but worth all the investment. It is very resilient and can bear extreme temperature without losing colour or shape. The best part about this material is it can be retrofitted over already existing siding. This would mean that the homeowners would have less hassle to strip the structure of the existing siding and then re-install the Vinyl fittings.

Siding Contractors Lexington ky
Siding Contractors Lexington ky

What we specialize in?

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

Low in maintenance and cost, it is the no. One choice of all Americans. It comes in a variety of colours to match your style and is available in various shapes and sizes.

Wood siding

Wood siding repair contractors prefer including bevel siding, board and batten siding. We provide wood siding installation services, which add a level of sophistication to your house. It is a sturdy and reliable material, which is meant to be installed and left alone. It is one of our best choices, mainly because it lasts for centuries when taken proper care. Also, it requires minimal techniques and is easy to cut and shape for installation.

Cedar Shake Siding

They are cut thicker than shingles and are far less uniform. They add a great visual display, bringing nature home. It is relatively expensive, compared to other wooden options and inexpensive compared to fiber cement. The best part about the wood is its durability. It resists rot and insects better than other woods. It is excellent for insulating properties.

At Lexington Roofing Siding, we use the highest quality home siding products and offer the best value. Our business is BBB accredited, giving homeowners an experience to last forever and a peace of mind, knowing the job will be performed as per international standards.

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