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A roof is not something that shelters you; it also beautifies your place of residence and, in fact, adds to its sale value (if you are planning for it shortly). 

However, till the time you plan to stay in the house, a roof will bear the brunt of storm and rain for you. So, make it as seure as possible for the sake of your loved ones.

Finding the right roofing companies  Lexington, KY, would be difficult if you do not know what to look for in the contractors before you assign them the job of strengthening your home. 

While the budget and the timeframe are some of the key deciding factors to choose the right roofing contractors  Lexington, KY, one must also consider the materials to be used, scheduling, explanation of liabilities, warranties, and other such determinants to get the right contract.

 Here’s why our roofing contractors lexington ky –  Lexington Roofing Siding stands apart from its competitors for its transparent policies.

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roofing contractors lexington ky
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Materials used

While we would require the budget you wish to work with and your requirement, we ensure that we provide you with the best material available in the market. Our team of experts will visit the site and help you plan on the roofing type you may need.

We can advise on anything- right from the name of the manufacturer that we have a tie-up with, the nature of shingle, and the grade of material that we use. This will allow you to compare our quotes with our competitors and make the right choice.


We have our planners in place who will build the roadmap to the project, scheduling the work, and constructing a timeframe within which the desired results will be achieved.

We understand the inconvenience repair work may cause to the inhabitants. Therefore, we ensure quick and quality delivery without any intervention.

Cleaning the mess

Roof repair could be a messy job, involving a lot of stray nails and splinters protruding from different places, threatening the safety of the kids and the elderly in the household. Roof debris may fall on your plants, landscaping, or lawns.

We clean everything for you before we leave. Our roofing contractors lexington ky ensures that there is least debris in the first place. However, we also ensure that your house is left in its original condition once our job is done.


Our technicians and engineers are the best in the industry. We guarantee impeccable work that would require minimal to no re-work. Our materials are the finest in the market, and the technology we use is accredited and acknowledged by some of the best roofing repair bodies like the TAMKO Roofing products, KRCA Certified contractors, and others.

Roofing Contractors Lexington Ky - Roof Repairs

Be it rolled Roofing, Built-up Roofing, Membrane Roofing, Asphalt composite shingles, our products ensure that there is no re-roofing required. So, be ready for a one-time investment. However, ensure that you have identified the roofing issue before it goes out of control, and you end up spending more than you expected.

Tips for identifying issues with your roof:

Sagging roof deck

While hurricanes are to be blamed for the condition, more often than not, there are times when moisture built-up and old shingles are the reason behind the sagging roof. Call for help immediately since that is when the situation may turn bad to worse.

Check the attic:

Look for small holes and dampening stains. These are factors that demand immediate attention since they might lead to threatening conditions in the future, affecting the entire household.

Check when the roof was last replaced or repaired:

Make a list of home improvements that the house underwent in the recent past, especially the roof. Ideally, a high-quality roofing material will last anywhere between 20-25 years. Of course, that depends on the quality of the material that has been used. 

You could choose fade-resistant Symphony shingles that provide authentic colouring and a warranty of 50-years. These might call for a lump-sum investment, which turns out to be affordable if calculated across its longevity.

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