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replacement windows lexington ky

The windows of a household are much more than beautifying elements of the house. They are the natural ventilators of the house, regulating the temperature in all seasons. While the above-mentioned is a well-known fact, it is lesser-known that replacing the windows could yield one of the highest returns on your real estate investment because it automatically reduces the energy consumption of the household.

Be it broken window repair at home or replacement windows in Lexington, KY; we are the one-stop solution for all your needs. With certified products from accredited manufacturers, we have a wide range of windows to suit all your requirements. While we promise of excellent designs, we also assure of quality, irrespective of specifications, or preferences.

replacement windows lexington ky

Some of the window types we store:

Single and double-hung windows

These are some of the preferable options among all households as they are easy to maintain. In single-hung windows, the top sash is fixed. In double-hung windows, both the sashes are operable.

Picture windows

They are also referred to as fixed windows and cannot be operated. They are designed to fill large spaces in the wall and are meant to increase the lighting inside the house.

Casement windows

They are usually placed over sinks, countertops, or appliances, but can be placed anywhere at home. Casement has a variety of options in the design, such as French, flat top, pushout, top-down grille, colonial grill, prairie grill, and more. They are easy to operate since they are attached to the side of the frame with a hinge.

Arched windows

Arched windows are usually fixed and are stationed over operational windows. However, some arched windows open the same way as a casement window does.

Egress Windows

They are installed for safety to prevent the inhabitants from exiting from the door in case of a fire or an accident. They are typically installed in the basement of the home. Some countries require one to build Egress windows under safety laws.

Why us?

Our replacement window services come with a 12-year warranty and 100% expert-support. Be it broken window repair home or replacement windows Lexington KY; we offer the best services round-the-clock. Call us now to know more.

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