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When the temperature rises with the heat of summer or falls with the bitter winter air, your heating and cooling systems are working overtime when subpar insulation is involved. With the increasing cost of energy, it’s imperative that your home is well-insulated to remain at its most efficient. 

Lexington Roofing Siding provides services for replacing inefficient and older insulation or installing new insulation, We provide you with the best quality options to ensure your energy bills remain low. bills remain low.

Being one of the best Lexington insulators, Roofing Siding Lexington promises you of quick and affordable services when it comes to insulating your home. Be it a newly-constructed building, something that is under construction, or an old building; our experts will advise you on the right option that will not just be affordable but also effective.

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Your attic does much more than just storing your unused stuff. It also helps in protecting your home from cold, heat, and humidity. In an average American household, heating and cooling account for 50 to 70 percent of the energy used.

And if your home is uninsulated, the holes in your pocket will be even deeper. According to experts, one can save up to 15 percent on heating and cooling costs by sealing the attics. Insulating the attic can also reduce the damage to the structure of your house, caused by heat and moisture.

It prevents water vapour from seeping in and eroding the walls. It also helps in slowing down the heat built up in the attic and also prevents the formation of ice dams. This also helps in preventing mold from thriving and weakening the structure of the household.

The best way to insulate an attic is by using batts and rolls which are available easily and are also convenient to install. The best type of insulation for attic is available in fiber glass, mineral wool, plastic, and natural fibres.

Wall insulation

Wall structures are mostly built using wood frames or brick. Wall insulation efforts can boost your walls R-value up to R-20 with proper insulation. If you want new construction home insulation or existing structure home insulation, contact Lexington Roofing Siding

Basement insulation

Basement insulation helps in closing the gaps and the cracks that permit air from outside to seep into the home atmosphere.

It must be noted that at least 50% of the heat loss occurs in basements. It also helps in controlling the moisture and humidity inside the house, apart from regulating the temperature. In some areas of the USA, insulating the basement is a mandate in building codes.

Garage insulation

If you are looking for the best lexington insulators for the purpose, look no further. We know how important it is for you and the entire household. It needs a lot of calculations and planning, not just to ensure that the structure of the house is unshakeable, but also because it is an integral part of the house where you have stored one of your most expensive assets- your car.

Blocking out unwanted moisture to keep the engine running must be something that has always been in your mind. Now, it is time to act on it. However, ensure that the insulation material that is used is fire-rated, which means it should be resistant to fire and combustible liquids.

For attic and wall insulation, call our lexington insulators now on our helpline number, and we would be happy to help you with anything related to insulation.

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