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We provide the best quality craftsmanship for commercial and residential roofing projects. Whether you need a new roof, gutter system, siding or window installation, we ensure your experience is simple and hassle-free. With over 50 years of roofing experience, We are premier roofing and home improvement company. From top to bottom, we’ve got you covered!

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Come hail or storm; your house deserves the protection it needs from natural calamities, mainly because it is home to your loved ones who are the closest to your heart. A small leak or a crack can go undetected for years, leading up to unsurmountable collateral damage. It is therefore always recommended to get your roof checked before it is too late!

Trust us with this responsibility, and we assure you quality gutter and roofing services at Roofing Siding, Lexington. Commercial or residential complexes, our trained engineers analyse and estimate the right figures for you.


Superior Prdoucts and Unmatched Service

One of the best roofing companies, Lexington, KY offers premier services that people can avail round the clock. Our services include:

24X7 reliable consultation

Call us anytime, and we would be right there to help you out. You can depend on us for punctual and professional services. Be sure of receiving help within 30 minutes of your call if it is an emergency service that you are requesting.

Install Premium Products

24-Hour Emergency Service!

Lexington Roofing Siding  offers superior roofing and restoration services for both our residential and commercial clients in the greater Lexington region.

We guarantee

Premium raw materials

You will get your value for money with us. The materials that we use for correcting purposes is unbeatable when it comes to quality check. We have tie-ups with manufacturers who have years of experience in producing quality products.

Experts work for us

Our certified team of roofing contractors, Lexington KY, will work relentlessly to solve all your roofing issues. Our priority is to bring a smile on your face and make it last forever. Be assured of quality services in a single go so that you do not have to spend a single penny again for the same purpose. So, whatever you need- a new roof, gutter system, siding, or window installation, we ensure that your experience with us is pleasant and hassle-free. 

Life-long partnership

It has been over 50 years since we have built this reputation of being the best in the industry, and we firmly stand by our values of serving our customers happiness that they deserve. We have been able to achieve this with our quality services and impeccable craftsmanship.

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When should you get help?

Some of the most common roofing issues of households include:


An open crack on the roof is not just dangerous; it is also unhealthy. Imagine cold air gushing into the house in one of those frosty nights! Check for cracked housings on plastic roof vents and broken seams on metal ones. Look for pulled or missing nails at the base’s bottom edge.

Frosty nails

If there is a nail protruding in the cold areas of the house, it is likely to get frosted by the moisture that runs from the cold attic to the rooms below. When the temperature rises, these frostings melt and start dripping from the floor.

Roof leaks

Leaks mostly occur in places that penetrate from the roof, for instance, in attics, fireplaces, chimneys, and dormers.

Rot or bad chimney flashing

These are some of the most common factors that lead to a leak in the roofing. Any rot can weaken any part of the roof, thus making it vulnerable to natural calamities. These rots, if go undetected, can destroy the sheathing and framing.


We do any type of work that deals with the exterior of your home.

Our partnerships

Correcting old structures

Whether it is a recurrent problem or something that might have occurred due to a calamity, we are always there to help our customers every single time. Our expert advice, coupled with premium quality material, makes for the best combination when it comes to gutter and roofing installations. Call us now for any of your requirements.

Roofing for new buildings

Constructing a new house or a commercial space? We could be your partners for life. You just have to choose the type of roofing, and we can help you out with the logistics. Our estimates are practical and promise of affordability.

Re-roofing experts

Have damaged roofing or shingle? We can guarantee you a fresh look at no extra cost. Our re-roofing experts could be your service partnering, offering the best and the most affordable advice.

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